64-Channel Real-Time TS Analyzer CW-4957

Product Details

CW-4957 64-Channel Real-Time TS Analyzer with 60 IP + 4 ASI inputs for monitoring the operation of digital TV systems. For improving the quality and reliability of digital services the CW-4957 type 64-Channel Real-Time TS Analyzer monitors and gathers numerous data in addition to those described in Recommendation TR 290, thus giving increased support to the job of the user. The features of the device include such novelties as long-term gathering of the data amount of elementary streams that permits system operators to compare the data amount of their VBR streams they paid for and that was actually broadcasted.

Main features:
•  Access to the measuring results from anywhere over Internet
•  64 transport streams continuously monitored at 60 IP inputs and 4 loop-through ASI inputs
•  Gigabit IP input with optical or UTP cable connection in unicast or multicast mode
•  Logically and physically separated IP measuring circuit, device control and Internet connection
•  Inspection of the transport stream according to TR 290
•  Continuous inspection of the traffic and the parameters of the IP network
•  Gathering the data amount of the elementary streams for a period of as long as a year
•  Facility for the analysis of the tables and the elementary streams even down to byte depth
•  Low power consumption (typically 20 W), high reliability, long life-time