Rack Stream Tool CW-6301

Rack Stream Tool front
Rack Stream Tool frontRack Steam Tool rear

Product Details

The Rack Stream Tool is a rack version of Personal Stream Tool what is an essential gadget of specialists who have been working in the field of digital television broadcasting. This rack device provides its owner with all the functions and services which are extremely useful during troubleshooting and everyday work. These functions can be divided into three main groups: measurements, conversions, and generation of streams for particular purposes.


CW-6301 Rack Stream Tool

  • DVB-T-T2-C input
  • DVB-S-S2 input
  • 64 IP Input
  • 64 IP Output
  • ASI Input
  • ASI Output
  • 19" 1RU frame
  • E-ink display
  • Separated MGM port, web-based HTML5 GUI