IP ChangeOver (portable) CW-6041

IP ChangeOver portable
IP ChangeOver portableIP ChangeOver portable rear

Product Details

The portable version of IP ChangeOver can simultaneously monitor 32 IP streams. If an error is detected, the device changes the source of the Output from Main input to the Reserved input and at the same time sends an SNMP message indicating the error. After the fault has disappeared, the device will switch back to the original stream.

It is possible to use the device just for sending SNMP so that it does not switch over when detecting a faulty stream but sends an SNMP message about the error. In this case, the device works as a monitoring system. The ChangeOver modules can also be used as manual or remote control switches. The built-in clock can be synchronized with the SNTP server and allows the ChangeOver to be controlled by a clock.

The fault detection modules of the device also provide information about their status via a parallel port, and in the event of a fault, a voltage of 3.3V appears at a given pin of the port.


CW-6041 IP ChangeOver

  • 32+32 IP inputs and 32 IP outputs
  • UDP and RTP protocol support
  • Multicast and unicast reception
  • SFP (Mini GBIC) and RJ45 TS Port
  • VLAN tagging
  • Separated management port
  • User-friendly HTML5 based WebGUI
  • SNMP trap message sending
  • 16-Ch alarm output
  • Programmable threshold values
  • Programmable timing
  • Multilevel diagnostic
  • Firmware upgrade via the Web interface
  • Extremely low power consumption