Upgrade for ASI-IP and IP-ASI Converter

The newest (v1.03) software upgrade is available for the IP to ASI and the ASI to IP Converter devices. Please take into account that the firmware upgrade file is compatible only with the devices equipped with WEB interface (CW-4441 CW-4442 CW-4443, CW-4541 CW-4542 CW-4543). The new feature is a simple TS Analyzer. 


The update process is the following:

1. Select the Device menu and click on the wrench icon.

2. Click on the Software Upgrade button. 

3. Click on the Browse button in a pop-up window with the orange background and select the new firmware file and click on the Software Upgrade button.

4. When the upgrade is finished, reload the page. 


At the end of the loading of the firmware file, the software checks the CRC in order to avoid an upload of a corrupted firmware file. If the software gives an error message during the scan, you should try to download the file again. The bug can also be caused by the virus scanner.  Maybe you need to turn the virus scanner off during the update.

After the upgrade, the new PMT Analyzer menu item will be available.