CableWorld magazine (6)

Featured Articles (in Hungarian only)

- Improvement of digital technology
  Thoughts on how standards are created

- DVB-S2/T2/C tuner
  Coming soon...

- IP ChangeOver
  Under quality control

- Troubleshooting - de-jittering - buffering
  Thoughts on how to create a new product

- What and how to measure
  Measurement guide

- Time Server
  ChangeOver's clock


Featured Articles (in Hungarian only)

- The future of broadcasting
  ANGA COM, Broadcast Asia

- SNMP trap setup
  DVB-T/T2/C tuner diagnostics

- EPG with accented characters
  Application development guidelines

- Edge Lite
  VBR to CBR converter

- TS Explorer
  Application-oriented GUI for cable TV operators

- Thumbnail pictures by PST
  Tricks for developers


Featured Articles (in Hungarian only)

- Technological innovations in the last 25 years
  CableWorld was started in January of 1993

- SNMP trap
  Available in PST from v1.10 firmware version

- Video Mosaic in Windows 10 environment
  16 tv-channels on a full HD screen

- Video Analyzer
  New module for analyzing H.262, H.264 and H.265

- Video compression standards
  AVC, AVCC and MP4

- IGMPv3 by PST
  The trends have to be followed


Featured Articles (in Hungarian only)

  Not only the number of pixels matters

- Structure of audio and video contents
  Switch to the bit approach

- TS packet, compacted stream, container, mp4
  From transport stream to mp4

- Decoding of compacted video streams
  FFMPEG development environment

- Measurment and adjustment of loudness
  TV programs with different loudnesses

- Sound generator in PST
  Breaking news from the tables of our designers


Featured Articles (in Hungarian only):

- 25th anniversary of CableWorld
  Time is running

- Breaking news from the tables of our designers
  Answers to customers' questions

- Monitoring according to ETSI TR 101 290
  Measurement reports generated automatically

- ETSI TR 101 290 qualification
  Brief summary

- Data Analyzer
  Deep stream analysis for experts

- PST Extra - 3
  Measurement reports and documentations



Featured Articles (in Hungarian only):

- HbbTV tricks
  Huge potential in hybrid television

- Measurement of Program Clock Reference
  Introducing of the PCR Analyzer module

- Measurement of PCR in the aspect of IP transmission
  Knowledge for professionals who want to know more

- Personal Stream Tool for everybody
  New PST versions

- Troubleshooting Guide IV
  The last episode of the serial

- Data Rate measurement by PST
  How much is too much?

- PST Extra services 2
  Multiuser using of PST